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eMerging Healthy Students

eMerging Healthy Students is a school-based behavioral health program that utilizes innovative technologies and strategic interventions methods to support children who have been demonstrating behavior and emotional stressors related to COVID-19, in addition to social, school, and home life challenges.

Project LINK, INC. offers eMerging Healthy Students (eHS), a school-based behavioral health program designed for adolescents aged 12 to 17 who display behaviors and emotions threatening their safety, happiness, and wellbeing.  


Our goal is to support adolescents in resolving emotional issues, problem-solving, and developing positive relationships via online resiliency applications, evidence-based intervention practices, as well as individual and group counseling.

Project LINK's eHS program provides support to select middle schools in Hillsborough County, Florida that target students who are experiencing:

●    Low self-esteem, feeling down about oneself, depression

●    A sudden decline in academic performance without an apparent cause

●    An increase in anger and aggression, as well as emotional instability

●    An increase in anxiety and worry, excessive nervousness, shaking, or            restlessness.

●    Increased isolation and loss of interest in once-favored social activities

●    A shift in the amount or tone of communication, the use of silence or           unnecessarily excessive sharing.

●    Eating insufficiently, missing meals, or eating too much and too  


●    Frequent episodes of excessive crying or laughing for no apparent 


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Our Approach

Behavioral Health Education

Our behavioral health awareness campaigns aim to reduce stigma surrounding mental health conditions and promote a positive mental health environment.


“K’ Bro” is a mobile app designed as both a real-time assessment tool and series of interventions to promote healthy emotional self-care and prevent the onset of more serious health concerns.  

Individual Therapy

A thorough clinical assessment is conducted by expert clinicians and psychiatrists in eMerging Healthy Students. 

Group Thought Sessions

eHS group sessions involve one or more therapists working with multiple students. It is here that teens are grouped to openly discuss issues that affect their lives.  

Music Therapy

Music Therapy enables teens to learn to acknowledge and express their deep-rooted emotions through the use of multi genre music. In addition, they connect with one another as they compose songs about their thoughts together.


A consistent yoga practice can be grounding, build confidence, and aid in stimulating the relaxation response, which can ease stress and increase feelings of overall well-being. 


a practice of mindfulness and relaxation that is specifically designed for young people. It is a technique to become more aware of  your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations in the present moment, without judgment or distraction.

Device Management

Device management focuses on helping teens to build a more balanced relationship
with technology, social media, gaming 
apps , or other types of device or screen use.


CopeNotes is a preventative digital health intervention that uses daily text messages to improve mental and emotional health. 

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