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Become An Advocate


People committed to making a difference in our community are the lifeline and energy of Project LINK. They are the catalyst for all we do today and the assurance that our work will continue in the future.


Project LINK’s supporters are critical in our efforts to maximize support and commitment to make a difference in the life of a child, as well as to succeed in accomplishing our mission.


Project LINK puts its resources and expertise to work in schools and communities throughout Hillsborough County.


As part of our efforts to create an improved quality of life for children and families in our community, Project LINK asks students, parents, corporate leaders, community activist, and organizations to become involved with issues that affect our targeted families.


Get involved to support our educational success efforts.




(813) 276-5671



Engagement Examples:

Restaurateur's or retail store owners could host a Project LINK day and percentage of proceeds generated could go to the organization.


Employees sale products as a fundraiser (ex: candy, cookies, jewelry)


Organize and host a marathon race/walk

Become a LINK Ambassador


Employees host a cook/bake-off at company location w/proceeds going to LINK


Social Media campaign (Community E-connect)

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