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Five reasons to give to Project LINK

1.) Help other people –  Humans are a social animal and the best way for mankind to advance is by helping those who are unable to help themselves. We have a responsibility to care for other people, to help those less fortunate than ourselves. When we have some spare time, cash, and/or goods, it is an opportunity to help out.


2.) Make a difference – donating to charity is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. By making a difference to someone’s life, you are leaving behind a legacy. You are making a statement that your life was worthwhile because you made a contribution to society.


3.) Feel good – medical and scientific research has proven beyond doubt that giving to other people makes you feel good. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you help someone else is hard to replicate with any other type of activity or endeavor. People who give feel happier, are less anxious and suffer less depression than those who don’t. Better health is enjoyed by those who donate their time, expertise or money to others who are in need. Charitable people tend to be able to cope with their own problems more easily than those who don’t donate. Giving to others improves your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. This advantage flows into all areas of your life so you will find that you are more confident at work and in social situations.



We thrive is to provide assistance, support, information and advocacy for low-income children and their families, contributing to them becoming healthy, safe, educated, and productive members of our society.



4.) Support a cause you believe in – different charities touch the heart of different people.  You might be passionate about every child having access to a good education; that nobody should live in poverty in the 21st century; that everyone should be able to experience music or art. If you are passionate about children, you will be able to further your cause through donations to Project LINK, Inc.


5.) Meet new people – Your contributions to Project LINK give you the opportunity to meet new people and expand your circle of acquaintances. This is especially true when you donate your time and expertise. While most charitable organizations always need funding, many could not operate without an army of volunteers. Whether you give up your time once a week, or once a month, you will certainly meet many like-minded people along the way.  This a win-win scenario for us all.

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