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Project LINK is a community organization dedicated to the families in the Tampa Bay region. We assist our program participants by enhancing their academic experiences, providing healthcare access points for school required immunizations, school physicals, and shot records updates; providing access to behavioral health services for disadvantage families, and facilitating educational training/workshops to advance the quality of life for families.

Our mission is to provide equitable approaches to education, mental wellness and healthy choices for children and their families.  

Our objective is to contribute to families becoming healthier, safe, informed, and active members in their process. We are not safe until we are ALL safe. We are not well until we are ALL well.

Our initiative is to raise awareness levels of the pervasiveness of inequities in health, build empathy and support for addressing inequities, enhance the capacity of individuals to actively participate in intervention efforts and implement large scale efforts to reduce racial prejudice, ideologies, and stereotypes in the larger culture that undergird policy preferences that initiate and sustain inequities.

Project LINK serves over 1000 families annually via various health initiatives, care management, & empowerment workshops with a concerted effort from community partners that value humanity. 

We strive to strengthen and support families by “meeting them where they are”, aiding in the re-discovering of talents. We utilize the gifts already present, and inject compassion, genuine interest, and direction for positive outcomes. 

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Project LINK’s service model is from the family systems theory, which allows us to understand the complexity of each individual family. Families organize themselves to conduct their daily challenges and tasks of life, as well as adjusting to the developmental needs of its members. We understand to succeed, we must view and serve the entire family as a whole.


Project LINK and our beloved families realize the same day you plant the tree is not the same day it bears its fruit.

Achievement of our initiatives is evident by a corresponding increase in the number of families we have served, that are successfully exhibiting improved student achievements, enhanced self-awareness, and increased family self-sufficiency rates.

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