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About Us

The Tampa Bay region is a priority for Project LINK, and the program strives to provide its participants with a wide range of resources and services.


With Project LINK, individuals and families will be supported in a wide range of aspects of their lives, including academic success, access to healthcare, and mental health support.

As part of our efforts to ensure children can attend K-12 school and stay healthy, we provide immunizations, school physicals, and shot records transfers/updates for school entry. As mental health is an important component of overall wellness and health, it was imperative that we provide a platform for behavioral health services for the youth in the Tampa Bay region.

In addition, the parent education trainings and workshops provided are beneficial in improving the quality of life for families. Providing parents with the tools and resources necessary to better support their children can result in improved outcomes for both parent and child.

Project LINK’s mission is to provide equitable approaches to education, mental wellness and healthy choices for children and their families.


We strive to make families healthier, safer, more informed, and increasingly active members of their communities.


We are not safe until we are all safe. We are not healthy until we are all healthy.

We serve over one thousand families each year through our health initiatives, care management, and empowerment programs in partnership with community partners who value humanity regardless of one's economic status. 

We aim to build and strengthen families by meeting them where they are and facilitating the re-discovery of talents.


We utilize the skills already present, inject compassion, genuine interest, and provide positive direction. 


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We believe that the service model provided by Project LINK aligns with the comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of the families we serve based on the family systems theory.


In order for a family to succeed, family members must view and serve their entire family in order to meet their daily challenges and responsibilities.


Additionally, families must cater to the developmental needs of all their family members.

As Project LINK and our beloved families realize, a tree does not bear fruit on the same day it is planted.

We have seen a corresponding increase in the number of families we have served, who are successfully demonstrating life changing achievements, enhanced self-awareness, and increased family self-sufficiency.

With over 128,000 families served county-wide, we have contributed to children becoming healthy, safe, educated, and active members of our society.

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