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Why Partner with Us!


Project LINK invites all who care about the educational outcomes of all our young people. We offer opportunities to support students of our public school system through our programs and special events.


Project LINK is committed to empowering children and families of the Tampa Bay community, which in turn, will assist in improving grades and attitudes about school; reducing disciplinary actions; improving mental health status for both the child and parents, while continuously developing effective ways to support programs to increase our service deliverables.


Project LINK promotes school community partnerships; the school and the home share responsibility for children's learning. The relationship is based on mutual respect and acknowledgment of the assets and expertise of each partnering member.


Project LINK values the facts: the results of successful partnership improves learning for all students and strengthens schools, families, and communities. Research indicates that family involvement in schools increases student achievement.


Project LINK is an advocate for parent involvement. Project LINK believes partnerships are a proven and cost-effective way for schools and organizations to expand what they can offer children and provide more meaningful learning experiences—making a real difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.


Come join our other partners in the pursuit of academic achievement for children and families we serve.

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