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Hillsborough County Public Schools, CANDO, and Project L.I.N.K. have joined in an effort with students and teachers to offer disaster  relief support to Bahamian students, teachers and schools affected by the catastrophic damage left by Hurricane Dorian.  

With approximately 70 percent of the homes and buildings underwater, we anticipate tremendous social and economic dislocation and disruption of children having a sound learning environment due to damaged schools and children not having clothes or learning tools that are essential for academic succes. They need our help!

We have launched a district-wide donation campaign, requesting each student to donate one item to help a Bahamian student, and each teacher donate one item to assist a fellow teacher.


This “peer to peer” disaster relief effort, will provide our students with a chance to express their compassion, empathy, and support to their peers, whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian.


We will place collection boxes in each participating school. Each teacher and student will bring one item on our “recommended disaster relief donation list”. Donated items will be will coordinated through HCPS logistic team. The Caribbean American National Development Organization (CANDO) will be overseeing shipping and handling of boxed items to the affected Bahama Regions. 

FOR ALL INQUIRIES , PLEASE CONTACT:   Francis Joseph (CANDO) - (813) 505-6683

Tina Young, (PROJECT L.I.N.K.) - (813) 276-5671 MaryLou Whaley, (HCPS) - (813) 272-4680

Monetary donations are accepted and will go to purchase additional much needed school supplies. 

To make Online Donations, please click on paypal button below

Items Needed:

School Supplies: Bookbags, Paper, Pens, Pencils, Journals, Crayons, Markers, Erasers,  etc.


Teacher Supplies: Dry Erase Markers, Notebooks, Sticky Notes, Notepads, Activity Kits, Journals, Classroom Caddy, Organizers, etc.


Clothing Items: School Uniforms - Polo Shirts, Khaki Pants, Khaki Shorts. 


SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2019

Donations are accepted at:

participating Hillsborough County Public Schools

Check with your School Principal

This effort is lead by students and teachers throughout Hillsborough County Public Schools.

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